What is CCM Shout Out?

CCM Shout Out connects Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) artists with their fans by allowing fans to request "shout out videos" from the artists.

What is a "Shout Out Video"

A Shout Out Video is a short video (usually around 30 seconds) that artists record and send back to the fan. Artists can say "happy birthday", "congratulations", or offer words of encouragement and prayer. When requesting a Shout Out, you enter your instructions to be sent to the artist (who the video is being sent to, purpose for the video, etc.) and the artist will try to accomodate as much of the instructions as possible.

How long does it take to received the Shout Out Video?

All effort is made to return your Shout Out Video in 48-72 hours of making the request. However, due to the artists' schedules always changing it may take up to one week. If an artist is unable to complete the Shout Out Video within one week of receiving the request a full refund will be given.

Who sets the price of each Shout Out?

The artist sets their own price for the Shout Out with a minimum of $29.

Where does the money go?

CCM Shout Out was an idea that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way for artists to be able to make some money and feed their families during a time when they had to stop touring (which is the main source of income for many artists). Therefore, the majority of each Shout Out Video fee is sent directly to the artist. Each artist agrees to send Fuse Ministries, the parent ministry of CCM Shout Out and a registered 501c3 non-profit ministry, a portion of the procees from each video. This is used to fund outreach events in which the love and hope of Jesus is shared with thousands of people! CCM Shout Out is truely a WIN/WIN/WIN! You receive a personalized video from your favorite artist, the artist receives some income during a difficult period, and you help share the Gospel!