mark LEE

Guitarist and founding member of the Christian rock band, Third Day.  Mark would love to send you or a loved one a Shout Out video today!



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Personalized video based on your instructions


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Video with song performance &  dedication

Average Video Rating: 5/5




Daytime Rooftop Concert

how IT


Fill out the request form with your information, enter your instructions on who the video is for, the occasion for the video, and any other details for the artist about the video request.  Then enter your payment information and submit your request. 

Typically, videos are returned within 48-72 hours, but could take up to one week.  If the artist is unable to complete the video request within one week you will be given the option for a full refund.  Click here for complete terms and conditions.




"Amazing response! Completely tuned in with the message. Absolutely wowed the recipients. Sarah and Mark are such energetic and awesome people who are also amaaaaaaazzzzzziiiinnng musicians. Will definitely be going for more shout outs from them!"

Kurt in MA

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