Zahna is a nationally touring rock artist and evangelist and former front-woman for ILIA based out of San Antonio, TX.

Premium video can include Zahna singing "Happy Birthday" or an acoustic or a capella song clip.



standard shout out

Personalized video based on your instructions


premium shout out

Extended video with singing of Happy Birthday or original song  clip.




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Video Request Process

Fill out the form on this page and enter your instructions on who the video is for, the occasion for the video, and any other details for the artist about the video request.  Be as specific as possible.  Then enter your payment information and submit your request. 

Typically, videos are returned within 48-72 hours, but could take up to one week.  If the artist is unable to complete the video request within one week you will be given the option for a full refund.  Click here for complete terms and conditions.

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